Theoretical Physicist with research interests related to the following areas

Foundational issues of Quantum Mechanics like the Quantum Measurement Problem, Quantum Nonlocality, Quantum Contextuality, Weak Measurements, Unsharp Measurements, Multipartite Bell-type inequalities, Applications of the Leggett-Garg inquality, Macroscopic limits of the validity of Quantum Mechanics, Time in Quantum Mechanics, and the Quantum Zeno Effect.

Connecting various Foundational aspects of Quantum Mechanics with realizable Experiments.

Fundamental features of Quantum Entanglement, including aspects of Quantum Information Transfer/Processing such as Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Teleportation.

Aspects of Nonstandard interpretations of Quantum Mechanics (such the Bohmian model and Wavefunction Collapse models) and the possibility of empirically probing them.